It’s My F–ing Birthday—A Novel

It's My Fucking Birthday

It's My Fucking Birthday

Okay. This is my website. I know a lot of people are puzzled so I might as well confess that the title of this book is actually It’s My Fucking Birthday.

It’s the first novel I wrote. And it takes place over a period of seven birthdays. The main character, a high school art teacher, is trying to track her life’s progress. One of the things I dealt with at length in this book is the tricky business of having narcissistic parents. Oddly enough I had this area pretty well researched since I was lucky enough to have some narcissistic parents of my very own.

Reviews for It’s My Fucking Birthday.

Bickering parents, weird sex and ambiguous floral arrangements pave the road to enlightenment in legendary comedy writer Merrill Markoe’s first novel…Along the way she reminds readers that the heart is a fragile little critter. And sometimes the best we can do is make a wish and blow those candles out.

—O Magazine

Laugh out loud debut fiction, Classy stuff that deserves tons of flowers from dazed and satisfied readers.

—Kirkus Reviews

The perfect gift for all women who face birthdays with grim determination, pepper spray and sharp fingernail files. Markoe teaches the joy of laughing through pain and bubbling through toil and trouble.

—Publisher’s Weekly

Markoe brings her crisp gratifyingly feminish sense of humor and flair for satirizing the lives of frustrated singles to an irresistible first novel.


Here are some links. The book is also available to download and in an audio version.

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