Here are a smattering of videos I have made over the years.

First let me add that I now have a YouTube Channel full of even more videos by me. Seriously, who can ever get enough of them, right?

This first one is the fulfillment of an idea I have had in my head since childhood. Luckily I grew up to live in a world where I could buy desk top editing equipment.

This next one comes from a pilot I did with Harry Shearer for HBO in 1987. We each wrote and directed our own segments. This was one of mine.

Here is one from a pilot I did for HBO with my friend Richard Rosen in 1990. The premise was a kind of a “personal newscast’ . This is an interview with a guy who invented a joke that has been for sale in joke stores since I was a kid.

The following was a pilot I did for Adult Swim the year it all started. Sadly it didn’t get picked up. Damn. It was going to be a series in which my then dog Lewis explained his philosophy for living to other dogs in the neighborhood.


This first one is from 2008. It is a meditation, if you will, on how things might play out at my house if I had a heart attack and no one was home except my dogs.

This next one, from 2010, is me reading a written piece entitled “Something Extremely Important”, which is about the behavior of my dog Puppyboy when a friend came to the house to tell us about the sad circumstances of his pending divorce.  But the unique thing about this video is that I was able to film Puppyboy in an eerily authentic re-enactment. My friend Todd Hanson is playing the part of “friend”. (The written piece itself can be found here.)

This next video is from 1987. It originally appeared in a pilot I made for HBO/Cinemax  called “This Week Indoors”. I wrote and directed the piece and am playing “me”. My dogs Bob (the brunette) and Stan (the blonde) are playing themselves.

Next is a segment I wrote and directed from a special I did in 1988 that was called “Merrill Markoe’s Guide to Glamorous Living.”  In it, I contemplate the expenses of living with dogs. The dogs are not mine, however. They are  trained professionals.

This video is the result of years of contemplating the televised proceedings of the Westminster Kennel Club, I realized I was always wondering why those gorgeous dogs were willing to be seen with those frumpy people.

The following were done for the earliest version of what was then known as Late Night with David Letterman.The first two were part of a series I did called Films by Bob the Dog. Strange as this may be to say now, I think I might be the inventor of dog P.O.V.  There were no Go-Pro cameras then. My camera man Carl Eckett had a “mini-cam’ the size of a baby car seat which he endeavored to carry horizontally so that the lens seemed like the dog’s face.

This one aired for the first time in 1983 as part of a segment called “Pieces that will never be seen on the show.” Dave was not too fond of it until it played really well. Then he changed his mind. The sounds on the audio track that are not music are by Stan.

AND here I am doing some dog related stand-up

This next one is from the early 90s . Its my suggestions for dog related TV programming.


Here is a video I put together for the song HEARTY DRINKING MEN by brilliant singer/songwriter Andy Prieboy, who is also my S.O. If you are not familiar with his amazing songs, please check him out on I Tunes. You will NOT be disappointed.

Here is a song Mr. Prieboy began singing around the house as a reaction to listening to me whine about being asked to be on what seemed like my 500th.”Woman’s Panel.” I begged him to go record it so I could make the following video.

Here is one of the segments I did for Michael Moore’s short lived network TV show “TV Nation.” in 1994.

Here is something from 1992 when I was on Not Necessarily The News. This piece is titled How to fake interest in Baseball.