Version 3: My corporate montage

Posted June 29th, 2009
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A week or so ago I posted an idea I had of making myself a corporate montage. At that point I was still thinking of trying to compete with GE or AT&T or Standard Oil, image-wise. But now I have  decided to try out a more honest version. Quite frankly, I think I may be breaking new ground as I doubt Exxon or Merrill Lynch have even considered going in this direction. Here is what my corporate montage really should be. Read more

When Tukun met Burulkan.

Posted June 15th, 2009
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e280a0okun-met-barulkanIn honor of June, month of romance and weddings for mainly heterosexuals (except in a few forward thinking states,) I would like to share some words of wisdom about marriage that I have gleaned from my research. (And I share them as the odd member of the heterosexual sector who has never been married even though I am in love and not only permitted to get married, but encouraged and even urged to get married . But unlike gay couples everywhere, who seem to be lusting and praying for marriage, I am  too chicken . I think this makes me the only single heterosexual monogamous female in a happy long term relationship who wishes that when they finally get around to giving gays the right to be legally married, as they surely will, that the same ” they ” would be willing to also agree to transfer the right to legal but unmarried partnership status via civil unions to heterosexuals so I could use it.) Read more

Shave him.

Posted June 12th, 2009
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I’m building  some new closets. And by “I”, I mean Terry, the guy who builds stuff for me. Terry is a guy who has rebuilt so much of my home that I based a character on him. (Gil in my most recent book,  Nose Down Eyes Up.)The new closets are bigger than the old closets by half and they look great. But they just serve to point out that it wasn’t actually the square footage of the previous closets that was the problem. It is the square footage of my brain . I save too much stuff. And I don’t mean the usual things like clothes and shoes.  Here is an example of something I really really want to throw away but simply can’t. Its “Sport and Shave Ken,” featuring not just a  Ken with longer fuller hair than any Jonas brother but also The Best Slogan in the World: (And I checked. This is the best one.) “Shave him. He’s athletic. He’s all man.” Come on! Give it up for Mattel ! That is one great kick ass slogan.Sport N shave Ken (Although I would have liked it even better if it went “He’s athletic. He’s all man. Shave him.” But why nit pick in the face of such a slogan achievement?)   I have had “Sport and Shave Ken” since 1986 when I purchased him from a store that was closing . I imagine that the little girls who played with this toy in the early eighties may have grown up with some unusual ideas about what would be expected of them in their roles as wives or girlfriends. Read more

Official Winner: Most annoying new word in the world

Posted June 6th, 2009

As decided by me. Just now. most-annoying-word-in-world Read more

Trouble with writing part 2

Posted June 3rd, 2009
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