Teeny baby critters

Posted in blog post on April 20th, 2009 by Merrill Markoe

Welcome to my new blog. Here it is. Right here. Now all I have to do is  figure out what to write about.
For openers, here is a video I shot at the California Wildlife Center, where I am a volunteer in the baby ward once a week.  In this case, the babies are week old possums and a baby squirrel. We feed them formula with a syringe, then when they get old enough the center puts them back from whence they came. That second part is especially great because it eliminates the feeling that I better adopt them and bring them home with me. My house already looks enough like the inside of a sweater as it is. (Especially now that it’s dog hair season. I have the equivalent of a toupee in every corner.)

Okay. So there’s one topic. And onward.

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