A very Bob Dylan Christmas from me to you.

Posted in blog post on December 12th, 2009 by Merrill Markoe
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Bob Dylan's Christmas Lights Bob Dylan has a new Christmas album out. Here is a link. Click on this:(  I’ll Be Home for Christmas) and let’s listen to him sing “I’ll be Home for Christmas” together as I tell you the heartwarming story of what Bob’s version of the song means to me.

Lets begin with Exhibit A…the photo above which I also use as my blog header. I’m that fond of it.

But first a little back story: I live in lovely Malibu by the sea; fabled in story and song.  I have a nice, kind of modest A framey home, but my neighborhood  also contains some private residences that look like The Pitti Palace .  And when the holidays roll around, some of the inhabitants of these homes spare no expense in terms of their decorating. They hire professional crews to  transform their grounds so that you  might easily confuse any of them  with the courtyard at The Helmsley plaza  or The Beverly Wilshire Hotel.  Their tree trunks and branches are evenly wrapped with mini lights. There are multitudes of inflatable  and electronic figures.

Down at the end of one of these streets , two years ago, I took the above picture of the Christmas lights out in front of the Bob Dylan residence. They were so casually tossed on to a vine out in front of the fence, almost at street level, that they made me laugh. As someone who grew up in awe of Bob Dylan (and my awe list is a very short one) I spent a lot of time that Christmas enjoying the idea of a drunken pissed off Bob begrudgingly trying to get those lights on to that hedge somehow to please someone or other , then getting frustrated and fed up because they were getting tangled and he couldn’t  make them look right, plus it was taking too much time, how much time was he supposed to waste on these damn things anyway? After all, he didn’t exactly know how  to fucking do it since he was raised Jewish and spent the other 364 days on the road , dammit.

(To be fair, I have no idea if Bob Dylan had a hand in putting them up. I know he owns a house that is hidden behind that fence. But all that is visible from the street are some old aquamarine dumpsters and a couple of rusting car corpses. I have no idea if he ever actually sets foot on these premises. That didn’t effect my enjoyment of his overall decorating prowess.)

Cut to 2009: Bob’s got the new Christmas album out. He’s Mr. Christmas now and its time to wrestle with the damn lights again. So  I went out tonight to see how he did. And I’ve got to give him some props. It looks to me like this year Bob apparently bought a ladder. The lights are higher up. They’re more evenly lined up,except in a few places. I think he’s definitely improving his over all decorating technique. I’m am very impressed, sort of.Bob Dylan #3Bob DYlan 2009 #1

5 Responses to “A very Bob Dylan Christmas from me to you.”

  1. Cathy says:

    I’d love to see what he can do with ice sculpture. I hope he’s not counting on winning the Village decorating contest. What is it these days, $150 bucks? Thanks for sharing. It makes me feel better about my holiday ennui.

  2. Lairbo says:

    Who knew that “Froggy” from the Little Rascals would grow up to be Troubadour/Trickster Bob Dylan? I find his casual approach to Christmas light placement endearing.

    Not so sure what to make of the Christmas album. The “Must Be Santa” video is rivetingly peculiar, but the harmonious background vocals on this song remind me of some of the more jarringly out of place arrangements used in Elvis and Roy Orbison recordings.

    A Christmas album by the (surviving) Traveling Wilbury’s would really be something, though.

  3. Susan says:

    Bob Dylan’s definitely amazing, but I think more as a writer than a singer — very much like Burt Bacharach who Cannot sing his own songs in tune. But damn, they’re both incredible songwriters. And I love the lights!

  4. Margaret says:

    As if we needed more reason to love Bob Dylan. The Christmas light presentations are as endearing as his growling off-pitch rendition of I’ll Be Home For Christmas.

    Happy Hanukkah or Merry Christmas, whichever it is these days, to Mr. Dylan.

  5. Laurie Sandell says:

    This is simply amazing. These had to have been hung by him.