Dylan Christmas 2012

Posted in blog post on December 13th, 2012 by Merrill Markoe

  The holidays mean many things to many people. One thing it always means to me is another chance to soak up the style and artistry of Bob Dylan’s Christmas decorations.

Masterful as always, this year’s display forms an understated but singularly festive curvilinear line on the recently trimmed hedge that he uses as his holiday canvas :modern yet classic, like the man himself. For 2012 Mr. Dylan is offering us a more pointed arc than in previous years, at a slightly higher pitch and elevation, the better to showcase the unique way he is able to combine the abstract and the traditional. But once again, after a few lilting uplifting loops of color, we see the double downward dip of lights that some call”Dylan’s noose”.a curious and unsettling divertissement that is open to interpretation like so much of his work.

Not as visible this year is the delightful ‘winter wonderland’ section. Below we revisit a taste of this work from 2011. Note how he has given us a tableau that is somehow playful while at the same time a study of the stark realities of Christmas.

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  1. That settles it, lady. Grim irony juxtaposed with festive frivolity … you are digging way, way, way beneath the planet’s surface. You will think I’m being flippant and waxing overwrought but I tell the absolute truth when I say I am truly happy to be on Earth at the same time as you are. Like it or not, YOU are a bonafide genius — and a really FUN one!

  2. Kevin McGiboney says:

    Thank you! Now that the Dylan compound is decorated I feel that I can finally immerse myself in the Christmas spirit. I shall listen to “Christmas in the Heart” while I gaze at these photos and experience the tempest of holiday cheer and good will towards men that is best expressed by the voice AND decoration sensibilities of my generation.

  3. Daniel Sugar says:

    Just lost all my “Happy Days” memorabilia in a Fonzie scheme.

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