I am a guest lecturer on Regretsy

Posted in blog post on April 20th, 2010 by Merrill Markoe
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Well….my book Nose Down Eyes Up comes out in paperback today.  Yes… all the great dog and human humor of the original is now smaller and cheaper!

And so, in an attempt to get the word out, I am a guest lecturer on my friend April Winchell’s brilliant hilarious site Regretsy. I am there to point out spelling errors in people’s home made crafts. If you are interested in meticulously hand stitched misspellings, You can see them right here.

4 Responses to “I am a guest lecturer on Regretsy”

  1. Gayle Swetow says:

    love, love, love u…please get on Facebook so I can get all my friends to see you more
    please hurry and write another book

  2. SusanM says:

    I went to that site, and am now addicted to another havetocheckitoutbeforeIleavethehouse, and will continue to be late and unproductive. Thank you!
    God,are their some weird things people will buy! I wonder what I can con someone into buying — ….- – – -?

  3. SusanM says:

    OOOPs ” God,are their some weird” I mean “there”!!!!

  4. Margaret says:

    Just checked out Regretsy. It’s wrong and fantastic.

    I don’t think we should criticize people who value clean pooms, though. Personal hygiene is an important part of overall health.