I attended a Halloween thing

Posted in blog post on October 31st, 2009 by Merrill Markoe

One nice thing about getting older is that you find out that some of your friends have become very successful. And it helps you get over being bitter and vengeful to learn that they  have done some nice things with their money. The Sam Simon Foundation is an example of that. Sam is one of the creators of some obscure cartoon show called The Simpsons. Apparently its done pretty well for itself over the years and consequently so has Sam. He is the only person I will ever know who owns a RODIN!! But just as impressive, he started a big dog rescue complete with free spay and neuter trucks. They get dogs out of the pound and train them to work with the deaf. Difficult to believe when you have dogs like mine who act challenged by concepts like “Stay”. But apparently it is possible for dogs to alert people when the phone rings etc.

Anyway, every year Sam has an event at the dog rescue that includes a Halloween pageant and goes by the unfortunate but well intended name of Howl-O-Ween. And every year I seem to be a judge. At least I think thats me. This year I was going to bring my dog Jimmy dressed as Ben Bernacke but he looked so miserable in his button down shirt that I left him at home. (I wish someone had thought to do the same with the real Ben Bernacke.) Last year was the only year I entered the contest. Jimmy went as Flavor Flav accompanied by my friend Dawn’s dog Halle, who went as Birgitte Nielsen. We won a prize and I felt kind of bad accepting a prize and being a judge. But let’s be honest, so far in all the years I have done this, we were the only team that actually made our own costumes.Prize winners

Halloween and dogs are really not a natural combination. Almost every costume requires someone to stand there and hold the dog upright and re-adjust the costume so it isn’t hanging off of the bottom of his or her respective belly. The lawn is alive with animals rolling on little horned ensembles and tiny hats.Most of the dogs begin to dismantle  their costumes  as soon as they arrive. Come to think of it, that’s also how I behave at a costume party.

This year the most original contributor was a woman who came as a duo with her dog. Their theme was “Marley and Me,” and they were both dressed as Rastas. (Get it? Like BOB Marley?) Kinda.Bob Marley 2

I rather liked this cave man entry. Especially since at least half the time his hair was hanging down under his chin.cave man And the dog’s costume looked pretty good too.

punk rocker

Then there was this punk rocker,even though I think he’s a little more Seattle grunge era than straight punk rock. That’s Sam in the black shirt standing behind him.

water fountain.

But my favorite part of the event is the Rescue itself, which is in Malibu on an amazing piece of property.Even more than the beautiful landscaping and the awesome view , I love these specially designed dog drinking fountains. Not only do they work as advertised, but they are constructed so the dog can stand in his drink, as God and Nature intended . Dogs must go over to one of these things and think “Good Lord. At LAST someone figured out how to design a drinking fountain.”

3 Responses to “I attended a Halloween thing”

  1. Susan says:

    Every city should have a branch of Sam Simon’s foundation — and something similar for cats! Keep publicizing this stuff, Merrill!

  2. Tom Sullivan says:

    We got our dog through PetRescue, a wonderful organization in Westchester, New York.
    I can’t remember whether it was Stan or Bob whose favorite comedienne was Lucille Ball.
    Who do your dogs like among the current generation of women comedians?

  3. Laurie Sandell says:

    You know I am staunchly against store-bought Halloween costumes for people, but I never thought of making one for my dog. Jimmy’s Flava Flav interpretation is brilliant! Violet has worn a store-bought jailers costume several years in a row, now, and the “prisoner” hat acts more like a feed bag, hanging from her chin.