What I did on my summer vacation.

Posted in blog post on May 12th, 2009 by Merrill Markoe
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I just came back from a vacation. I don’t go on many vacations but damn, they are a good idea. I can see why they invented them. Here are six things from my vacation.beetle-space-museum




One Response to “What I did on my summer vacation.”

  1. Lianne Scott says:

    Good for you for taking a vacation. They really can be great for taking a break from our ordinary days — unless, like me you live 3000 miles from family and are expected to use precious vacation days travelling back to the place you couldn’t wait to leave in the first place. That’s why this year the boyfriend and I decided on a mini-staycation. If you’ve never been to Vancouver, check out my blog. And if you don’t have any family here, I recommend you visit.

    And thanks for always making me laugh.