Some new and hopefully funny stuff re: My New Book.

Posted in blog post on December 6th, 2011 by Merrill Markoe


So this is a little PR wrap up of a few my recent book promotional attempts…at least the ones that I thought went well.  If you have come to this site looking for current data on me, this stuff might be it.

First, here’s the WTF podcast I did with Marc Maron. I f you’re not familiar with WTF, you should google it. Marc does absolutely great interviews with people who work in, around, and near comedy. Marc is a brilliant comedian himself and he is one of a kind.

Then I went on The Daily Show. That was fun.Me on The Daily Show

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Then I wrote a post about it on Regretsy.

So…that a lot of stuff! Think I’ll quit while we’re both ahead.
But first let me update you on the book. The Daily Show appearance kicked sales in to a gear that the book company was apparently not prepared for. They sold out of the first printing but they tell me there will be more books next week some time.(Despite the fact that Amazon has a disparaging note that sounds like you will never receive a book in this or any other lifetime.) So if you order it, you will too get it by Christmas! While you are waiting, you can re-enjoy this video I made of my dogs fetching the book out of the pool. One other hilarious bi-product of this whole brouhaha is visible today (Dec.7) on Amazon. Although I am told there might be new books for sale AT REGULAR PRICES there tomorrow, the used book market vultures have already made a desperate attempt. Check out these bargain prices. At least they’re supposed to be in pretty good shape. HAA!

3 Responses to “Some new and hopefully funny stuff re: My New Book.”

  1. Carol Svec says:

    I heard about the book on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast and immediately bought the Kindle version. So funny, so touching, so much I could relate to about dogs. Finished it, bought all your other Kindle-available titles. I’m also a writer, and I have an observation to share from my writer friends: If a crazy mother breeds comedians, a crazy father breeds obsessive-compulsive nonfiction writers. I guess we all compensate for being raised by crazies in our own way. Good luck with sales!

  2. Kathy says:

    Loved your book and can relate in the mom department. I have diagnosed my deceased mother as borderline (and written a yet-to-be-published book about her)…More “fear of abandonment” and “feelings of emptiness” than narcissism, but definitely in the ballpark. I wrote a blog entry about Cool, Calm, & Contentious at
    Loved the Daily Show clip as well.

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