Not just two endings, but two impressive tricks!!

Posted in blog post on September 24th, 2011 by Merrill Markoe

I made myself a book promo. Because I have a book coming out in a month.

I realize that this promo does not offer a lot of information about the book. But it DOES have TWO endings, both involving pretty fancy footwork on the part of my dogs. I am at work on ANOTHER promo that will offer more information. But come on. I had to post this one. TWO pieces of reasonably good dog action, from MY dogs. That’s a lot, considering the cast. You just don’t get that kind of action and excitement and opportunity for choice with the Zombie people.

UPDATE 10/20/11: Here is an advanced review I just got from Book Page.

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  1. Marian Allen says:

    LOVE IT! Imma pre-order it as soon as I get my next check. Check for what, you ask. Never you mind.

    Great promo, both endings. 🙂

  2. Elissa says:

    Susan, your book designer (my partner), brought one home for me yesterday from Random House. I’ll still preorder another one, or two, since we have two dogs. Congratulations!

    • I just got one myself. Gotta warn you, tho…they’re (ahem) personal essays. Not mostly about dogs.Though there are at least 4 about dogs.I couldn’t really write a book that had fewer than 4 dog pieces. I tried. I just wasn’t able to.

  3. I just pre-ordered the book on Amazon. The power of those swimming dogs is forceful advertising indeed! Can’t wait to read the book.

  4. Lianne Scott says:

    Yay! Yay! Yay! Doing the happy dance in my chair at work (well, obviously I’m not working too hard as I’m on your website, watching videos, laughing, munching on Ritz crackers, but…). November 1st is now just around the corner. I’m getting my order in. Thanks Merrill.

  5. Jeffrey says:

    Will you come to New York to promote the bookK I just read the Times Q&A and can’t wait!

    • There is actually just about nothing planned in the way of promotion.So as far as I know, i am not even living my house. But I am still very excited about your new double K spelling of book!

  6. Jerry Eberts says:

    Hi Merrill,
    Great promo video. Only complaint is there is only one alternate ending. I’m used to several.
    My darling wife & I read What the Dogs Have Taught Me (we have a dog), but will keep our eyes peeled for your new book.
    Hope it’s a million-seller!

  7. Susan marder says:

    Loving the book! We are dog people, too so this ad really worked for everyone in the house.
    My husband exclaimed, “that’s the Garfield Goose Theme!”
    Good dog swimming music.

  8. Hey girlie,
    I am writing a profile of an “Awesome Woman” for a lameish Facebook group and tomorrow YOU are said AW of lameish Facebook group. You can’t actually see it since it’s a closed lameish group, but do know that you are being revered for your general all-around fineness.

    You have been hugely inspirational to me as a writer, although, oddly, it was a piece you did on some sex workshop you attended (I remember dildos being solemnly passed around) that probably inspired me the most. Which is good…maybe?

    Thanks for all you do,
    jill hamilton

    • Dear Jill:
      That’s really lovely. Thank you for the honor. And thanks for remembering the dildo event…tho I agree, it was kind of hard to forget.

      • I am all loving that you respond to everyone who writes, even if they spell book with two Ks.

        btw, if you want to see what you and your dildo talk inadvertently wrought, do stop by my blog. (Caveat: much cussing and talk of dildo-ish things).

        I think if you just click on my name above, you will be there, soaking in it.


  9. Amanda Scanlan says:

    Hi Merrill

    Just discovered you by watching The Daily Show – book looks fantastic and your dogs are very talented. I’m just going to buy one book though, because I have a cat and she hates anything to do with water. Plus she doesn’t get enjoyment from chewing on anything. Plus she’s a cat.


  10. anne says:

    i saw you on the daily show, and found you interesting, so i googled you. i suspected i had read you before, i had, the conversation with your dogs, i remember reading it to my husband, for some reason it stuck with me. and you prompted me to write this:

    what does it mean

    by ~softmonkey

    it is charming to see people who have been raised dysfunctionally, no, really to see any of them, try to piece these things together, to figure out how to move in the world and understand the nature of all of it and what it means. but the dysfunctional ones, a light dysfunction, still left relatively unscathed but abraded enough to notice how painful these things are (all manner of life, the people, the experiences). i watch them seeming to function (but perhaps i seem to as well, if you don’t look closely) and wonder what i might have produced had i been less wounded. there is, i imagine, a perfect amount of damage, enough to let you become a human being (as opposed to the hollowness that seems to come of an idyllic life), but not so much as to maim.

    Listening to: personal jesus – depeche mode

    • What a great letter! Actually, in my new book I have a piece where I dissect what it meant to me. Its called In Praise of Crazy Mommies….and in it I try and show that mother’s like mine force you to have a sense of humor! All the comedians I know have problematic mothers.I’m sure there are some exceptions…but there are also a TON of parallels. Thanks for writing!

      • anne says:

        yes, i’m sure there are exceptions, and none of them are funny. i love the show Dr. Katz, and i have a new therapist now (katz’s polar opposite) and asked him if he treated any comedians. he does and has. do you think they would stop being so funny if they went through therapy and got better? well, i’ll let you know if i become less funny. in life i can be really funny, in my writing though, not so much.

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