“Something Extremely Important”: my new video

Posted in blog post on January 31st, 2010 by Merrill Markoe
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I just turned a draft of my newest book in to a new editor. That means it is a very tense time for me. Therefore I have been doing what I always do when I am tense: edit my little films.  This is a video I have been working  a while. I was trying to make it as a stand alone film, but now I have decided to combine it with footage I was given of me reading the piece at a benefit for Tails of Joy, a great dog rescue run by my friend Elayne Boosler.  SO….here it is:

10 Responses to ““Something Extremely Important”: my new video”

  1. That was hilarious, Merrill. And it just built and built. Loved it!

    Good luck with the new book. I’m waiting for word from my editor, too …

  2. Susan says:

    FANTASTIC!!!!!! No pressure, but please get this book out Fast!

  3. heyyyy. you’re twittering.

  4. Cathy says:

    You had me at Puppyboy. Still the best dog essay ever.

  5. Lairbo says:

    Please let Puppyboy review the new HBO Temple Grandin biopic.