Recovering List Idiot

Posted May 22nd, 2009
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blackberriesI compulsively read all those articles that boast “Ten new foods that burn belly fat .” I guess lots of people do and that’s why they make up so many new lists every month. Sometimes I think  its the same  bunch who  fabricate the belly flab lists and the “101 new ways to turn him on” lists that sell Women’s magazines. (As if  the 101 ways offered in the last issue  was just skimming the surface. Because, as anyone with a good sex life will tell you,  you quickly run through hundreds and hundreds of new ways every time you make love. So there you are, one month later… hundreds of ways all used up, just hoping and praying that someone will suggest a few hundred more ways as quickly as possible.) I guess everyone, like me, thinks that the people who write these lists must have thought of at least one new way to turn him on or burn belly flab,  simply to justify the list’s (and their own) very existence. (And that it wont just be “take a hot bubble bath.” or “Do some extra sit ups.” again. )And we would all be wrong. Read more