Well, the nephew just left.

Posted in blog post on July 30th, 2009 by Merrill Markoe

I have two nephews. They used to visit in tandem, every summer, along with my brother (who is their father.) When this all started they were four and six. Now the youngest one is seventeen. I think this has something to do with an odd phenomenon this branch of my family suffers from, known as ‘the aging process’ . Luckily it is something to which I am totally immune. Anyway, this was the first year that all the visits are separate. When it used to be all three of them at once,  before they arrived I would ask my brother for a grocery shopping list because his sons are nothing if not extraordinarily specific about their taste in everything. Then,  for the weeks that they would be here, my cupboards would be full of stuff like this: Funky fries

It was a real education. If it weren’t for their visits I would never have realized that they even made chocolate french fries. (Because, you know, french fries are just not exciting enough with that whole normal boring crispy potato thing. So thank GOD someone finally thought of a way to make them more appealing!)

Over time, that darned aging process thing  caused my brother and his two sons to morph in to three planets that orbited in the same solar system but didn’t have the same trajectories. Whatever one guy wanted to do, the other guy didn’t want.Someone was always brooding.  The younger nephew is a talented graphic artist. Two years ago he did this drawing of the three of them all at cross purposes sitting in the back seat of my car the day my boyfriend and I took them on an outing to sample the exotic regional cuisine of  In and Out Burgers..

Going for burgers It pretty much explains why the visits are now solo.

So this year, on visit #1 we watched a lot of David Lynch,and  did a lot of drawing and walking out to a rock that over looks the ocean . work space

And now visit #1 has come to an end,  leaving behind only memories and an uneaten container of Boston Cream Pie flavored yogurt. Boston Cream Pie yogurtAnd my unquenchable need to know: Why did anyone ever think to make yogurt in this flavor? Can’t there be any food that doesn’t also double as a dessert? Are they already making Fudge flavored fish sticks  and Chocolate Chip baked beans? . Maybe I should run out and patent ithose ideas. Or maybe they’re already for sale. I better go check.

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  1. SusanM says:

    Have you heard of deep fried twinkies, or deep fried corn on the cob? I haven’t tried them, but I don’t live in the part of the country that thinks of that type of cuisine.
    VT is a little more health oriented, but supermarket choices still boggle. There are way too many choices of ice cream, pudding, chips. I must be unimaginative, but please!
    I did consider however, of applying for a job years ago at the Ben and Jerry’s plant developing new ice cream flavors.