A very Bob Dylan Christmas, part deux

Posted in blog post on December 2nd, 2010 by Merrill Markoe
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Its the hap hap happiest day of the year for me. The holiday season has officially started.  I am talking about the unveiling of this year’s Bob Dylan Christmas tableau.

As you can read here, I have been fascinated by Mr. Dylan’s Christmas pyrotechnics for a few years now, probably because I am generally fascinated by Mr. Dylan. He is one of the few figures in entertainment I still regard with awe. In fact, I recently re-watched Don’t Look Back and liked it better than I did the last time I watched it . What I am saying is that he was a big big deal to me growing up. And I guess because he still looms so large in my consciousness, I am completely entertained by his Christmas decorating ideas.  As I mentioned in last year’s post, he and I live generally in the same neighborhood. (At least I do. I have no idea how much time he actually spends at the residence that is widely known to be his.) And that is the extent of my contact with him,( except for the time when I saw him perform at Berkeley High School when I was fifteen and got to sit on a folding chair right on the very stage.)

I guess what I like most about his Christmas decorating approach is the understatement… reminiscent of the way my irritable Uncle Mike used to put up his lights, after a few too many beers…as though they were thrown at the hedge in a fit of resentful rage in order to shut up my nagging Aunt Edna.  But this year, relatively speaking, Bob has gone all out. He not only appears to have used a ladder for the second year in a row, but he has added several items to the little free standing display that looms just beyond the fence opening. Now there is a larger pre-lit Christmas tree and five LED- candy canes beside the LED reindeer. Its a veritable winter wonderland.

So thumbs up to Bob for contributing another seasonal marvel.

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  1. Mark Peck says:

    Okay, so I am trying to figure out how to contact you and your contact page is not helpful. You seem to understand dogs, and I have a question for you. Do you think that it is detrimental for dogs to watch too much television? Our dog (she is a puggle – hopefully I spelled that right, my vet spells it with one “g”) loves to watch TV and even has her favorite commercials. In fact, she knows the songs on her favorite commercais and runs into the family room whenever she hears the songs. I’m wondering, maybe this is just a sign of intelligence, what do you think? You agree? Oh, I am so glad to hear that. Some people think she’s a little crazy, but maybe they are just jealous. Oh, and back to my original question; do you think too much TV is bad for dogs? I appreciate any thoughts that you have – well at least any thoughts about that question…

    • Dear Mark:
      On one level I suppose it is a sign of some amount of intelligence to associate a jingle with something. Though when I do it, no one seems to be very impressed. Actually, its not really uncommon for dogs to make associations with some sound or action , but usually food is necessary element for them do this. Generally I dont imagine that TV is bad for dogs. But I would encourage you to put on David Attenborough docs and the National Geographic channel. Because I cant think of anything good that come from dogs learning to love commercials, unless you are planning to also get them a credit card.

  2. Pauline says:

    I love your photos of Bob Dylan’s Christmas lights, he’s a man after my own heart! No expense spared, eh? I can see the candy canes, but where’s the reindeer? Thanks for posting them anyway, and keep them coming!

    • The little tableau with the candy canes consists of five candycane things, a prefab prelit Christmas tree and a wire reindeer. But I couldnt get a clearer photo because a nightwatchman did not seem amused by my interest. So this will have to do. Oh well.

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