Bob Dylan Xmas 2013

Posted in blog post on December 17th, 2013 by Merrill Markoe

For an increasing number of people, The Holiday Season isn’t really officially under way until we all spend a moment of quiet contemplation with Bob Dylan’s Christmas decorations.  I have been doing this annually since 2009, making this my fifth year as curator of this semi-sacred event. Sometimes it seems to me that the rest of the weeks of the year are merely antipasto plates and hors d’oevres, leading up to this final special entree.

Okay, it doesn’t really seem like that to me. I’m just trying to be festive.

I apologize. I will try to be more honest in 2014.

And now we begin.

To get into the proper frame of mind, click the following video and one of Bob’s Christmas songs will play as a background to our guided tour. Go ahead. Click. I’ll wait

Okay:  here we go. Odd that it took me until last year to finally realize that the main string of lights are up all year round. My guess is that they’re too difficult to get out of that hedge without wire cutters. Of course, they only are turned on during the weeks before the holidays and it is one of the lesser known holiday miracles,  almost like a modern day story of Chanukah, that they continue to work year after year without maintenance. They should have burned out by now, yet they remain lit; an electronic tribute to his long career. And this year, as we look at them once again, we see the now familiar classic annual strategy ; A simple string of uneven lights, with a familiar double loop toward the lower right. As time goes on, and the color wears off the bulbs, it begins to look as tho they are trying to spell something.















It almost looks like an M. At first I thought it might be the beginning of the word Merry.  Or perhaps  an homage to me and the scholarly work I do here. But then I cracked the code and realized the lights present a graph upon which we see a broad annual assessment of his year.

There is one last area of lights, further back, behind the main gates. It is a winter wonderland of sorts. Here we see a display of candy canes and reindeer and a few other things I can not make out. All I can say about this one is that it is a work in progress; much more elaborate this year than ever before. So KUDOS!

And with that  The Holiday Season is now OFFICIALLY open. I bid you all a Merry Everything.


PS: If you’d like to take a stroll down memory lane, here are the links for a look at this display thru history. By which I mean, over the last four years.

A Dylan Christmas 2009

A Dylan Christmas 2010

A Dylan Christmas 2011

A Dylan Christmas 2012


UPDATE: December 22,2013

A Christmas miracle has occurred. A SECOND string of lights has been added to the display. I don’t know why the last minute upgrade. Maybe I am making everyone punchy. Whatever the reason: Merry Christmas, everyone. Merry Christmas one and all.Miracle Dylan


8 Responses to “Bob Dylan Xmas 2013”

  1. John Brown says:

    I tried to make the Must Be Santa video a part of our family holiday tradition. Let’s just say Dylan had a better reception at Newport Jazz than I got with my suggestion.
    All the best of the season to you!

  2. Kevin McGiboney says:

    At last, now I can unwrap my Trader Joe’s Stollen and officially declare it’s Christmastime. Thank you for the colorful photos! I see “Dylan’s Noose” is still evident (to remind us that Bob doesn’t pussyfoot around with the meaningfulness of this holiest of holidays), yet the Winter Wonderland tableau virtually bursts with a Tempest of Yuletide cheer! I feel that Mr. Dylan has really outdone himself this year; it’s going to be the best Christmas ever!

  3. J.R. Herbaugh says:

    I must agree that 2013 peaked with Marc Maron.

  4. Dan Riley says:

    A special thanks to my friend Judy Clay for linking me to this…my new favorite Christmas song…and here’s a little odd Bob back at you, Merrill (keep up the sacred work)

  5. Laurie Geyer says:

    Looking back at your previous posts, and seeing how you comment about the lights being strung higher every year, now I guess it’s pretty funny to know that they are there year-round and they are higher because the hedge is growing! Merry Christmas Merrill, and Bob! May the Christmas hedge continue to grow and glow and bring merriment to all in the neighborhood and to all of us who look to your blog for our Christmas spirit at this holiday time.

    • Actually, what I figured out is that the hedges were growing higher , as hedges will….and the gardeners were also trimming them. So of course the lights change position.

  6. lindagrace says:

    Best party ever. wish I were there.

  7. I was having a crappy xmas until i heard this. now the mood ring has gone from green to purple….YAY

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