I hosted the WGA 101 Best Written Shows thing

Posted August 8th, 2013

In the beginning of June I hosted/moderated an event at The Writers Guild theater called “101 Best Written Shows.” The afore mentioned list was compiled by Guild membership voting.  I was amazed and thrilled that they asked me, and also fairly terrified since the duties involved interviewing a lot of my TV writer heroes as well as trying to amuse them. It was a pretty intimidating thought.

Bottom line: I was so grateful to The Writers Guild for their health insurance which paid for my surgery in February that I said yes. And ended up having the best time I’ve had so far in 2013. Now its up on You Tube. So Voila.

In Ep.#1 there are speakers welcoming the group. I’m the third one in. I make a short hopefully humorous speech and introduce the first panel members, Carl Reiner and Norman Lear. They were amazing and hilarious and they are the content for Ep#2.


#3 Now joining the panel are writer legends James L. Brooks, Steven Bochco and Gail Parent.

#4 And if that wasn’t enough…NOW Vince Gilligan, Matthew Weiner, Ronald Moore and Wiinnie Holzman join the group. If these names don’t make you dizzy, you better google them. They wrote shows you LOVE. And I say that knowing nothing at all about you.

#5 Time for Steve Levitan, creator of Modern Family. What a stellar bunch. And what a cool night for me.