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I.P.O.: Puppyboy2.0

Posted July 9th, 2009
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I have begun the difficult but necessary task of making a corporate montage for my dog. This  early draft only scratches the surface of what the corporation can provide for investors. In the future we are expecting a lot more “media integration” Like they had for Michael Jackson.

Below is the IPO I made a few weeks ago for my corporate brand. Elsewhere on this blog is Merrill 2.0, a different version. But I am  thinking it is Puppyboy that is going to get the better rating from  Standard and Poors . Although  Morgan Stanley might be interested in bundling me with subprime mortgages.

Version 3: My corporate montage

Posted June 29th, 2009
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A week or so ago I posted an idea I had of making myself a corporate montage. At that point I was still thinking of trying to compete with GE or AT&T or Standard Oil, image-wise. But now I have  decided to try out a more honest version. Quite frankly, I think I may be breaking new ground as I doubt Exxon or Merrill Lynch have even considered going in this direction. Here is what my corporate montage really should be.

Below is the original post:

I have been thinking a lot about the omnipresent idea of branding. For quite a while now I have been interested in corporate image and the montages they use to advertise some vague notion of what they represent and why you should trust them with your business. These montages are all similar enough to one another that I sometimes play a game with myself when they air to see if I can guess what they are supposedly selling. Is it Wells Fargo bank? AT&T? HBO? Kraft? G.E? B of A? Ikea? Goldman Sachs?  If the current economic crisis has taught us anything at all, it is that we never had any idea what was behind those corporate logos . But look at how successful and wealthy those montages helped them all become! And then I thought: THAT is what I need to get the career rolling. I’m so slow on the uptake. I need a brand that people will have confidence in.  So I have begun to assemble the Merrill Markoe corporate montage.  It is a work i progress. I probably will be up tonight messing with it.  Because it is what I would rather do than write my new book. I need to figure out what I have forgotten in this montage. So no time to write. Damn.version 2