Some Amusing Christmas thingies

Posted in blog post on December 22nd, 2009 by Merrill Markoe

Well, this has been a weird Holiday Season for me so far. My brother got in to a car wreck so I went to Cincinnati for a few days to help out, etc. Upon arriving home yesterday,  I was perusing my local papers to see what if anything had happened while my back was turned, and came upon this very festive holiday greeting from the local septic tank pumper. My heart was instantly warmed because after all… how cold hearted would you have to be to not find yourself moved, at this time of year, by the emotional story of the little septic boy .septic boy

While I was in Cincinnati, Andy and I cooked dinner for some extended family. Not able to find much in the way of traditional  table decoration materials at my brother’s house, Andy made  little pine bough wreathes and then started looking around for something red to make them more Christmassy. My nephew Noah came out of the bathroom carrying the bottle that contained what became these cheery red pill decorations. I think , over all, these might be my favorite holiday centerpieces ever, (despite the fact that I only realized when I finally viewed the photos that no one bothered to remove the price tag from the candle.)  If only this were hundreds of years BC,  I believe that we would have had the essential ingredients for an annual religious rite.candlecloseup 2

And last but not least, here is a bright happy little video we made of a song that we, at my house, like to sing this time of year, though I think you’ll agree that its certainly appropriate any time of year. Happy holidays to everyone who  is reading this…Well, back to watching  the rest of my free movie screeners. If anyone is interested, I’ll update that blog with the details.

10 Responses to “Some Amusing Christmas thingies”

  1. Mary V says:

    Merry Christmas Merrill! Your latest blog post here reminded me of Tom Lehrer for some reason, so below is a favorite song for you.

    Reading your slant on anything is the gift that keeps on giving – hope you know how much you’re appreciated.

    • Merrill Markoe says:

      Thanks, M.V.
      I love Tom Lehrer. And thanks for your kind words. Merry Holidays to you all. (And, of course, yr mom!)

  2. Susan says:

    Being a kind of blabbing blogger, I couldn’t resist adding My version of humorous Christmas songs (in case you’re not already familiar with SNC! — boys being boys):

    And I hope that your brother’s doing much better. Merry Holidays ~

    • Merrill Markoe says:

      On behalf of my brother, thanks. He’s pretty messed up but I’m hoping he comes out of the whole thing better than he went in to it. And even I dont know what I mean by that. Except thanks. And happy holidays to you too!

  3. BarbV says:

    McDermott the Septic Boy is very Cherubic! I think I’m in love.

    Best wishes for the holidays, Merrill, and I hope your brother’s OK.

    • Merrill Markoe says:

      I am so glad you like McDermott the little septic boy. It is kind of sad that he has to play on the septic pumping pipes through all eternity so its nice that he is appreciated this time of year. Happy holidays to you, Barb!

      • SusanM says:

        Everyone has his role in life. He just has to imagine what life would be like for the clueless, if he DIDN’T do his job! Maybe he should allow a few shit storms to happen to wake people up.
        My sweet little plumber is more valuable to me than anything. The money I’ve paid out in the past year though would have paid for many reconstructions on my facial features at a strip mall plastic surgeon’s office.

  4. Margaret says:

    Merry Christmas, Merrill. I’m really sorry about your brother’s accident and I hope and pray for a full and speedy recovery.

    The centerpiece is truly something. One look at the picture and the viewer is instantly aware of its existence because of its tangible appearance. And how ’bout those cheery Christmas pills? Those are the prettiest capsules I’ve ever seen. They look like those pills you put in water and after a few minutes they expand into a washcloth. I’m so glad nobody removed the price tag from the candle because we’d always wonder what was missing.

    After Little Septic Boy and The Fate Awaiting Thee, I’m in such a festive mood now, I’m thinking of wearing my 1960’s aurora borealis Christmas tree pin.

    Have a wonderful holiday and God bless you and your family.

  5. Hey Merrill. The forced cheerfulness of the holidays makes me retch. What the hell is so happy about short days and freezing weather? It’s a GD pagan holiday recognizing that the days are finally getting longer for CS! Great! I’m really happy about that but it will not really be WARM here till April! If then. Sorry about your brother, hope he gets better from whatever is ailing him. Hope it involves few pills.

    • Merrill Markoe says:

      Sounds like your holiday 2009 was not the greatest either.But I think I can help. I have a suggestion for you. You should take a psychology class and see if you can learn what is at the root of all your negativity. Oh wait. You teach a psychology class. Then let me amend my suggestion. You should see if you can sign up your own class next semester! Here’s to a Happy Holiday 2010.