Oh well: You didn’t get a free book!

Posted in blog post on May 7th, 2010 by Merrill Markoe
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UPDATE: I got my ten names. That was fast. Oh well. You missed out. Unless we already had an exchange and you gave me your address. But may I encourage you to please buy a copy of my book in paperback? Because…uh…you need something funny to read and I have to earn a living.


I say this at the risk of sounding like a radio station, but …the contest lines are now closed. I just finished giving away ten free copies of the paperback version of my most recent novel  “Nose Down Eyes Up?”.

If you liked Walking in Circles Before Lying Down, you will probably like this one too.

Its got everything you have come to expect in a recent Merrill Markoe novel :  dogs who talk to people who also talk, bad behavior, too many contemporary references. And it just came out in paperback. A huge box of them arrived at my house and I don’t even have that kind of shelf space. Plus I need to figure out how to publicize the book a little.  The hard cover came out the day after the Christmas after the economy collapsed. That wasn’t a good time to put a book out, oddly enough.

Too bad you missed the big contest. It was the best reason for not writing that I have had in an hour.

11 Responses to “Oh well: You didn’t get a free book!”

  1. Laura James says:

    I’m (actually both my husband and I are) a big fan–it’s the dog thing (and you’re funny in that cerebral way we both like)…


    Laura J.



  2. mandor says:

    Can I email my address? I feel a bit weird leaving it out in the open on the internets.

  3. Zannah says:

    I did like “Walking in Circles Before Lying Down” (very much, and it’s why I went looking for your site), and I would love a copy of Nose Down Eyes Up. On the other hand, I would be happy to buy it instead and support book sales for you instead. I’ll probably do that anyway! I’m sending you my mailing address through your Contact page to avoid posting it here.

  4. Esk says:

    Well darn.. where did you mention the giveaway? Do you have an email list? Or is my Dayquil-addled brain missing something?

    • Dear ESK:
      Sorry. I had this weird idea today to get rid of a bunch of paper backs that i received free as an author and at the same time promote the fact that my book just came out in paperback. SO I put up a sign and gave away a few books.
      Which doesn’t mean that I don’t really really hope that a bunch of other people buy them.
      Because I do.
      If I decide to do it again, I will write and tell you.

      • Esk says:

        Haha all right then. I already intend to buy your book when possible, just thought I might be missing out on some Super Secret Email List that tells me when you’re planning to throw free candy from a plane and things of that nature.

  5. Lane says:

    I was so engrossed with “WICBLD” (I love acronyms) that I totally missed this event.

    BTW you are simply fabulous in your Feral Photo when you went hunting for wild morels. What gauge were you using?

  6. sarah says:

    I love, and have, all your books but can we please work out a way to get them distributed over here in the UK? There are at least 10 people over here with a sense of humour and I really think they would appreciate your stuff…. Sarah

    • Sarah:
      Thank you so much. I’m so glad you like my books.
      I gotta think that if there was any interest at all in my books in the UK, they’d be there. Because Randomhouse certainly has no objection to making money. So there must not be any interest, On the other hand, I noticed that they are for sale on the UK version of Amazon because they sent me a notice to put up an Author’s page. So I did. So I guess that is my books being sold in the UK, is it not?

  7. mandor says:

    My copy arrived today–thanks so much! I’m not gonna lie, I had a bit of fangirl dork out over getting something in the mail from you.