For fashion week: “DUH!” is the new “Captivating”

Posted in blog post on September 11th, 2009 by Merrill Markoe

Its Fashion Week. It seems like fashion week happens more often than Christmas. And Christmas is already four months a year. (In fact, today is Day 5 of the 120 days of Christmas!) Anyway, in honor of fashion week I spent a little time looking through the catalogs I received in the mail yesterday, instead of throwing them directly in to the garbage, unopened. And I noticed that the current crop of models  seemed to be using an assortment of facial expressions that appeared, at least to me, to be full of  exasperation and contempt. They looked like the faces of girls I remember from junior high who have been pushed to their limits by uncomprehending  adults. They seemed to be looking at someone, in this case me, and saying ” I said no. Are you,like, deaf or something? What is your problem?” Or maybe they are saying “Duh! I don’t think so! What do you want from me anyway?”  Here’s my theory:  ‘Peevish Exasperation’Duh 1Duh 2Duh 3Pissed off 1 is the new ‘Captivating.’

2 Responses to “For fashion week: “DUH!” is the new “Captivating””

  1. HolySmokes says:

    Well, it *would* be exasperating to have people constantly fawning over you, and giving you free clothes, and asking you to live in an apartment with six other girls and a House Mom. And most of them don’t even get to be on America’s Next Top Model, they just model in relative obscurity. I don’t know what catalogues you pulled these gals from ,but I’m guessing it’s not the Prada catalogue. So I, for one, can understand their peevishness. And I do find it captivating.

  2. Sue says:

    I thought “Contempt” was the first expression to be mastered in Model School, followed only by the Superiority Glare.