I’m on EBAY selling something hideous.

Posted in blog post on October 28th, 2009 by Merrill Markoe

Okay, its not exactly the same as being on ‘Dancing with the Stars’, but its a kind of an achievement. If you define ‘achievement’ as something that  can also be accomplished by  even malingerers and people in prison.flip flop frame

Here’s what it actually is: I am  participating in someone’s art project which they call  Significant Objects. The way it works is that I (and a rotating cast of writers) have written a story about an item that was found by the perpetrators at a yard sale. They  sent me jpegs of  three items and let me  take my pick. I said yes to this because I am in the middle of writing another book and I tend to say yes to any thing that sounds remotely fun and has the potential to get in the way of my work.  Also I went to art school. I am a sucker for stuff that sounds art schooly.

Next, they put the thing up for sale on ebay. Lastly they send you a check to do with what you will. Since the object I selected has a starting price of fifty nine cents, I can’t believe much of a windfall profit  is going to accrue. But if you feel inclined to bid on it, you get the object as well as a copy of the story I wrote. And I am adding to that my  promise that if any slightly reasonable amount of money accumulates, I will match it and send the proceeds to an animal rescue organization.  (And if doesn’t, well, I will probably still make my own donation because why not?) It’s a big charitable week for me. Tomorrow night I am performing at a benefit for PAWS L.A. I am co-hosting with my friend, the very funny comedian Wendy Liebman. But the really big draw is an appearance by the always brilliant Lily Tomlin. (And possibly Elizabeth Taylor will show up to receive an award.) So that’ll be interesting hopefully. And then Saturday I am judging an annual dog Halloween pageant at my friend Sam Simon’s Dog Rescue. I’ll try to take some pictures and write about it here. I only entered one year. And it was the only costume I ever made for one of my dogs since I am not really a dress-up-your-dog kind of a person. That said, here is a picture of my dog Jimmy dressed as Flavor Flav. Oddly enough, he was the only dog dressed as Flavor Flav that year. Go figure. If we participate this year, I am thinking Timothy Geitner.Jimmy Flav Or Lloyd Feinbein.

UPDATE I: Hey! Thank you people for bidding on the Foot Frame.  Its starting to look like I can make a charitable donation with it that won’t embarrass the charity by making them feel sorry for me!

UPDATE 2: Re: Jimmy’s new costume. I am starting to veer more toward Ben Bernacke.

5 Responses to “I’m on EBAY selling something hideous.”

  1. Hard to believe someone would actually part with that …

  2. Susan says:

    what kind of mind even comes up with such a gorgeous “frame” — the subject demands research. could i find a Fresh/New one??? and if so where?!

  3. Franny says:

    I would love to bid and win this just to see the look on my husbands face when I opened it. Although he might be glad it’s not more shoes…well sort of.

  4. Margaret says:

    The Flavor Flave costume is the best I’ve ever seen. I wanted my dog to be Mason Reese this year, but I’m not artsy or craftsy enough.

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