Merrill Markoe presents: Quickdraw Noir

Posted in blog post on September 6th, 2009 by Merrill Markoe
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Yes, its that German expressionist episode you may not remember. Not everyone knows that Peter Lorre did a guest spot on Quick Draw McGraw. Andy Prieboy did the music.

5 Responses to “Merrill Markoe presents: Quickdraw Noir”

  1. Wendy Goldman says:

    Oh, Merrill,

    This is so hilarious!! I’m still laughing while I type. Genius!!

    xox Wendy

  2. Lou Boxer says:

    Herr Quickdraw McGraw,

    You have captured that existential kernel of despair in an amazing package. I am amazed by what is “Noir” and how it has undergone a mutilation of sorts. Being a huge fan of David Goodis, I know why he was such a “character” that played out the existential life over and over again! Thank you.

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  4. Chase Bigas says:

    lolol where’s a dark beer once you need one