The Indignities of Being a Woman: an audio book

Posted in blog post on July 16th, 2020 by Merrill Markoe

In 2019, I co-wrote (with Megan Koester) an Audible Original called The Indignities of Being a Woman.

It can be found here:

Its the hideous history of women being fucked over since the dawn of civilization as we search for the answer to the question “How did 51% of the population become a minority.”  We find out. And we try to make it funny. I am told it’s really funny and fun to listen to. but it’s a horrifying story.  AND it has music by Andy Prieboy!

Here is the original cover:



If you aren’t sold already, here is a little promo movie

I made to the theme Mr. Prieboy wrote for us.

This should do it:

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