WORLD EXCLUSIVE: An interview with Neil Diamond’s Chair

Posted in blog post on November 6th, 2014 by Merrill Markoe

Forty three years after Neil Diamond released his hit song, “I am I Said,” the much maligned chair from the chorus has decided to come forward and set the record straight.


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  1. Tory Troutman says:

    I am glad someone finally got the chair to speak frankly so that we can hear the other side of the story. And while there is little doubt that Mr. Diamond IS, what he wants us to think he is remains elusive. To be fair to Neil, I don’t know that he was impugning the chair. It is possible that he wasn’t speaking loudly, or, if he was sitting in the chair, he may have been blocking its ears. All I know is I am gonna think of this all night long, while I eat can after can of Dinty Moore.

    I seem to remember Michael Jackson once singing, “The chair is not my son.” Same chair? Mind blown.

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