Beautiful Women Do Not Know How to Eat Cake

Posted in blog post on January 5th, 2017 by Merrill Markoe


Young beautiful women eating cake

stock-photo-cheerful-woman-eating-pie-isolated-over-white-background-117805627  By now, we have all seen women laughing with salad. But yesterday, quite by accident during a google search, I stumbled upon something equally disturbing. The truth should come as no shock, since many professionally beautiful women are under a lot of pressure to maintain a very low body weight. Thus they may have little or no practical experience as cake consumers. Yet I was surprised and saddened to see how many of them had absolutely no idea how to direct a piece of cake into their mouths without unfortunate incident. I present the facts here but can offer no solution.

700-02038099 © Picup Pictures Model Release: Yes Property Release: No Model Release Woman With Chocolate on Her Face Eating Cake

© Picup Pictures
Model Release: Yes
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Model Release
Woman With Chocolate on Her Face
Eating Cake

240_f_86771309_ddmsa9mrrgxb1wusbnzf80adnycb52d9 portrait-of-a-young-woman-eating-cake-icing-and-smiling 17744418-woman-licking-her-fingers-while-eating-cake young-cute-woman-eating-cake-over-white-background-egtbe0 Beautiful stained girl eating cake and licks her fingers stock-photo-the-girl-greedy-eats-sweet-pie-unhealthy-lifestyle-bulimia-concept-109084997

5 Responses to “Beautiful Women Do Not Know How to Eat Cake”

  1. david mcmath says:

    Well, they don’t teach it in college. So how do you expect them to learn except by trial and error?

  2. Denise Sawicki says:

    Quick, someone send Merrill $500,000 to thoroughly study and report on this phenomenon.

  3. Gene Martin says:

    Well Merrill,
    You put you finger on a real but way too often “not spoken about” affliction affecting most women.
    May I suggest you ask Sarah Huckabee Sanders as weight is apparently is not an issue.
    I would also ask her for at least five solutions to this problem, the point being that you might have a 20% chance or receiving a truthful response. Good luck and keep daring to be great!

  4. Diana Georger says:

    I just laughed from a deep place I had forgotten about. Many thanks.

  5. Ali says:

    Hi Merrill Markoe – I’m an admirer! Just stumbled across your blog, as I am writing an article about eating disorders (I’m a content writer) and started noticing the SAME THING ABOUT STOCK PHOTOS OF WOMEN EATING. I’m trying to figure out how to write about this weird stock / Google image issue – but want to keep it nice and light, the way you did. You’re hilarious! Oh yeah, and an oddly disproportionate number of bananas in the results when you specify any level of pulchritude in the ladies LOL!
    Would love to hear back from you!

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