I.P.O.: Puppyboy2.0

Posted in blog post on July 9th, 2009 by Merrill Markoe
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I have begun the difficult but necessary task of making a corporate montage for my dog. This  early draft only scratches the surface of what the corporation can provide for investors. In the future we are expecting a lot more “media integration” Like they had for Michael Jackson.

Below is the IPO I made a few weeks ago for my corporate brand. Elsewhere on this blog is Merrill 2.0, a different version. But I am  thinking it is Puppyboy that is going to get the better rating from  Standard and Poors . Although  Morgan Stanley might be interested in bundling me with subprime mortgages.

4 Responses to “I.P.O.: Puppyboy2.0”

  1. Lianne Scott says:


    My dog has excellent taste and she was transfixed by Puppyboy’s corporate montage. I put my laptop on the floor and she sat in front of it, cocked her head, wagged her tail and lett the occasional growl escape. Well done! (She is now scratching my leg to hear it again.)

  2. Merrill Markoe says:

    Dear Lianne:
    We are very glad she liked it and all. But the important question is: How many shares of stock would she like to buy?
    Merrill Markoe CEO

  3. Lianne Scott says:

    Dear Ms. Markoe

    Cass will have her people call Puppyboy’s people to work out the details (wait — I am her people). Hmm…

  4. Susan says:

    My dog would watch it, but not if she is expected to buy any shares.
    The same goes for damn time shares too. She expects to run after balls and poop in the pool with no expectations from the “hosts”.